About Gina N. Anderson

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Gina N. Anderson is a young adult sci-fi/fantasy writer who grew up in South Carolina and Miami, Florida. After graduating from The George Washington University, she taught English in Nara, Japan for two years where she wrote a short story series, The Adventures of Bianca Sukiyama. She received her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in 2015 and BA in International Affairs from The George Washington University. She is looking for literary representation for her debut novel, Worlds Apart. She has plans to turn her other projects, Biochord and The Adventures of Bianca Sukiyama, into novels. You can find Gina on Twitter and Facebook.

About Worlds Apart

Sixteen-year-old Kiri Thompson learns that she isn’t just biracial, but one of her halves is from an ancient alien race that settled on Earth.  Kiri’s alien heritage also means that she’s found out that she’s a Seer who suffers from apocalyptic visions of Earth being invaded by aliens. People around the world are disappearing, including Kiri’s mother and it just might be connected to Kiri’s visions.  Kiri teams up with a mysterious young man and his friend to figure out how to save as many people as possible through their wits, their networks and Kiri’s burgeoning special powers as a Seer.

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