#30Skills30Days: Meditation

This blog post is a part of my #30Skills30Days challenge to learn 30 new skills in 30 days. 

You may not think of meditation as a skill, but it is. With all the busyness of everyday life and the constant connection to our social media networks and devices that tether us to work after hours, it’s easy to forget how to relax. Typically people go to yoga class or a Buddhist temple to learn how to meditate, but I’m a social media queen and literally found an app for that. Okay, full disclosure, my gym does offer yoga classes, but 1) I am too lazy to go there,  2) the hours don’t fit my work schedule, and  3) I prefer less human interaction.

In any case, I found this site/app called Headspace which teaches you “mindfulness techniques” or basically how to meditate no matter how much time you have or what your current skill level.

Here are a few quick facts about the online/mobile tool:

  • You can sign up for a free 10-day trial program and subscribe after that.
  • The 10-day trial gives you daily ten minute guided meditations with increasing skill level.
  • Once you get started, you can choose single one-off meditation sessions instead of a progressive level-up option.
  • There are also “SOS” bite-size meditation sessions for those stressful moments.
  • There’s a social network associated with it.
  • There’s a mobile phone app for most of the major mobile platforms.

The guided meditations are narrated (and recorded) by a guy with a British accent. In my first session he guided me through, what I assume, are a few typical rough patches for first-timers who might be easily distracted. He guides you, gently, through different mindfulness techniques to help stay focused on the task at hand: relaxing. There are a few seconds in the meditation session that you are allowed to let your mind run wild without focus, but it is very brief. He also gives you a pep talk at the end and encourages you to do your next level in the freebie series.

The great thing about this type of meditation guidance is that you can meditate anywhere. I chose to stay seated at my desk at home with my palms face-down on my thighs. It was a more relaxing position than the typical yoga meditation pose. Meditation is skill that takes time to master and helps you maintain some balance throughout your day no matter how busy it is. Worth the challenge.

Cost: Free 10-day trial. Monthly and yearly subscriptions are available.

Time commitment: This is an easy `ten minutes every day. Totally worth your time.

Rating: 1 + easy. I’m rating this skill learning activity a “1” because this activity takes little to no level of effort.